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SJC to felicitate NET graduates

The Goods and Service Taxes (GST) regime was given a thumbs up at a two-day seminar-workshop at St Joseph’s College as a very self-reliant law that allows any business firm, big or small, to do their own taxation, according to an expert with Zoho, a firm that provides a family of business applications . The workshop dealt with the technicalities and use of the ZOHO cloud that has integrated accounting, billing and all

taxation processes for GST procedures. Karthik Pasupathy , product evangelist from ZOHO, handled the workshop.

Karthik said, “The aim of the workshop is to give the students an introduction to the online tools and an overview of GST by introducing the ZOHO cloudbased accounting system which gives an end-to-end idea. This will give the students an idea of what to expect in future.” The seminar-workshop was organized by the Department of Commerce with the Department of Commercial Taxes and ZOHO Books, an accounting software firm on September 11 and 12.

The day one seminar sessions were handled by Murali Krishna B V, Joint Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, who gave the students an overview of GST. The afternoon session covered the procedure, assessment and returns under GST which was handled by Pramod.S from Pramod and Darshan, management accountants, and Irfan Mudassar, founder of North Star Academy. Amit Kalra, 2BCom student, said “The seminar was very informative. Mudassar kept the entire session humorous and interesting. The other sessions were very technical and difficult for students but this has clearly spread an awareness of the importance of GST.”