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High drug dosages tend to spur disease

People must resist high dosage of drugs in order to remain healthy, according to Professor Govindasamy Mukesh, of the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, has warned. Speaking at a discussion organized by the PG Chemical Society in St Joseph’s College, he said “All things can be poison or all things can be toxic, it depends on the dosage, individual health and way of administration.”

The increase in health problems in the present day due to citizens taking a high dosage of drugs and antibiotics with a thought that it’s the solution to their health problems, the National Commission of Health is also trying its best to tackle the issue, he pointed out. In his lecture on ‘Bio-inorganic Chemistry - From Basic Concepts to Drug Development’, Prof Mukesh explained and distinguished between toxic ions from metal ions. He said that, “We cannot ignore metal ions just because they are present in small quantity, we need to look into the efficiency of these metal ions as unless one understands the basic use of chemistry and biology in a human system one cannot design drugs.”

He advised students to not make compounds without a purpose as they might affect the environment. “The PG Chemical Society is an actively functioning forum running in college since 1986, and a platform for the students and staff to come together and interact scientifically. It comprises of the staff and students from the Chemistry Department and it invites people from other places to take part in it.,” said Viola Ankita,its President.