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Warning against accepting warped histories

American school children are being fed a steady diet of distorted history and this has to do with governments of countries increasingly seeking to propagate revised histories, according to Dr. Cheriyan Alexander. In a special lecture on Monday at St Joseph’s College, he discussed the practice of revising history by the rightwing administration of USA, the world’s oldest democracy, and drew parallels with India, the world’s largest democracy.

No mention is made about the violence and cruelty of the early white settlers that followed Columbus’ discovery of the New World in American textbooks. Dr. Cheriyan pointed out similar practices of false statements being made in the Indian textbooks, where a fact like that of Nehru being the first Prime Minister is being brushed away. “History is being made a vehicle for propagating ideological fantasy,” he said, talking about the right wing’s distortion of history with mythology.

To avoid textbooks from being affected every time there is a change in regime, Dr. Cheriyan recommends an autonomous body for deciding history in education. He said media is giving the voice to the people’s history as the recorded voice is the story of the victor