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Humanitas heralds a melodious X’mas

It looked a lot like Christmas with “angels” singing Glorious high above and here on Earth. when Humanitas, the annual choir concert conducted by the Josephite choir, was held at the St Joseph’s College Autonomous on Saturday, December 15.

“The idea of Humanitas is not just to make a musical event but how it could touch the lives of people. Ever since the first Humanitas, we have been raising funds for various social projects,” said Kiran Jeevan, PRO and assistant professor at the college, and one of the dignitaries who inaugurated the annual event.

The theme of the annual event is “choral kindness.” In the spirit of Christmas, all proceeds from the concert have been donated to various charitable institutions for the last few years. This year, the committee came out to support Liza’s Home, a rehabilitation centre for children and women with mental and physical disabilities.