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Independent filmmakers no longer crippled

Encouragement from rental and production houses has helped make independent filmmaking an easier process than it was in the past. “There are a lot of production houses encouraging independent filmmaking, 20-30 years ago it was a different scenario. Filmmaking was a difficult process then, the process has now got easier. There are production houses now that encourage independent filmmaking also there are many rental houses that are very supportive towards independent film makers, they will sponsor you or partner with you or give you equipment on credit basis which you can pay later” said Nandakishore Neelakanta Rao a Cinematographer during a workshop on ‘visual story telling’ at Rushes National Film Festival 2018 (RNFF) held at St Joseph’s college.

Talking about the cultural difference in cinema, Nandakishore Rao said that “There is a cultural difference between different regions in the world and in the Indian scenario, there is a lot of creative content that is being produced, but the way we see cinema in India is very different to that of the western world, there is a perspective difference but not that of a creative one.”

“Different people have different methods of film making, it is all about getting the visuals right,” he added.