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Kaaji is a hope for change: Aishani Shetty

“Kaaji will be the reason for change. I cannot change the generation which practises the caste system, but Kaaji raises a question in the minds of current generation,” said Kannada filmmaker and actress Aishani Shetty. The SJC alumnus was speaking on the sidelines of the screening of her Kannadalanguage short film Kaaji on Saturday on campus.

“The movie has started creating awareness among the people. At most of the screenings till now, people who didn’t know about the caste system and its effects were shocked to see the film. I am proud that my short film is enlightening people and creating awareness about the suppressed,” Shetty told The Beacon. Kaaji has won many awards and has been screened at many places across Bengaluru.

Shetty, on her part, took pride in screening her debut directorial in college as a filmmaker rather than a student. She also shared her experience of making the film while managing studies. Shetty also shared her plans for Kaaji in the days to come. “We are planning to screen it in villages across Karnataka to educate people. Though it may create some controversy, I will be happy if it starts a debate,” she said.