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Kannadigas urged to spurn Hindi

Members of the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike(KRV) on Thursday argued that they were okay with English as it helps in globalization but they do not want Hindi in Karnataka or Bengaluru.

They were participating along with other experts in a debate in St Joseph’s College on the issue of the removal of Hindi signboards from the Bengaluru Metro broadcastby NDTV a part of the show called ‘Agenda’. The anchor for the show was Maya Sharma who also participated in the debate.

The members of KRV said that Metro is from the Kannadigas and there is no need for Hindi signboards in the Bengaluru Metro. They also said that they would work towards the removal of Hindi from railway stations and post offices.

The use of Hindi in Karnataka when Kannada is not given adequate exposure in states like Delhi, Maharashtra or Bengal was also questioned by the Vedike.

“People are welcome to come and stay here in Karnataka but they are supposed to learn Kannada,” they emphasized.They also shouted slogans like “Beda Beda Hindi Beda (No, no, no to Hindi!)

Maya Sharma said, “I don’t think there is hatred against Hindi. The perception is that many North Indians don’t make an effort to learn Kannada. People here don’t expect everyone to read and write Kannada perfectly but they just want that effort.”

“The native people feel that Kannada is threatened because it’s a city where the native people itself might not be the majority. They are okay to use English as they believe it to act like a wider link language,” she added.

Harish Bijoor, a brand consultant, said “AKannadiga embraces ‘passive Hindi’, which is Hindi that is not imposed upon him. But if it is ‘active Hindi’, which is Hindi that is imposed upon him, then a Kannadiga will not accept it.”

“Bengaluru is a mixed city and let it be as it is. I would like to call it as the ‘bisibele bath’.

It embraces people coming from other cities. These issues will divide us more than unite and Bengaluru cannot afford this kind of controversy,” he added.