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Kevin’s Café caters to 'happy tummies'

“Happy life comes from a happy tummy; happy tummy comes from great food. ” This is what students of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) say about Kevin’s Café in the Arrupe Block. The café serves all varieties of food with much love and enthusiasm, say some BCom students. The food there is supplied by a caterer called Michael, and they start their work at 5:30 am.

Ligees, an employee in the café, told the Beacon that they plan out the amount of food so that nothing goes to waste. Students from various blocks rush to the café during the break for the variety of cuisines. Mahesh, another employee of the café, said cup noodles and doughnuts are the bestselling items. Other food items, like samosas, stuffed buns, sandwiches, burgers, biryani, shakes and juices also sell like hot cakes, with students saying they leave the café with a happy tummy.