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Research project on public health center

With a funding of one and a half lakh by Bharathiar University in Coimbatore, Prof. Kiran Jeevan, social worker and Lecturer at SJC, researches about the ‘Clinical Management and Governance of Public Health Centres in rural Karnataka’.

He wishes to find out what percentage of the rural areas is not accessible to the public health centres. He also looks at two aspects, the management and clinical governance of these healthcare centres from the point of view of how healthcare centres are managed today and how medical treatment is accessible in the rural areas.

“I visited a village in Chikballapur in North Karnataka and found that the public healthcare centre was closed at noon. When I called the doctor he said that it was his lunch time and he would come at 3 p.m but he never came.The government promises and talks about public health care centres but the real picture is completely different,” said Prof. Jeevan. Prof. Jeevan said to The Beacon, “How government has the money and the infrastructure but doctors don’t want to work in the villages. Hence he asked who is answerable?”