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Learn from the bacteria, says Prof Nayar

The two-day Meta Schools Fest held in St Joseph’s College came to a close on Saturday last with students participating in the Spelling Bee and Poetry Slam. The students competed on the basis of seniors and juniors. The first day of the fest on Friday saw events like fan fiction, cartooning and illustration for both the senior and junior school students and jam which was only for the senior school students.

He was inaugurating Microcosm, the association of the undergrad students, and Microbiological Society of the postgraduate students, respectively. His talk was on ‘Recent Advances in Microbiology and Applications to Medical Sciences.’

Dr Nayar explained aspects of microbiology relating to cancer, infection, inflammation, cancer immunology, and pointed out that microbiology is the cutting edge in medicine.

Dr Richard Rego, Director of the SJC Research Centre, quoted a verse from SarvagnaVachanagalu- ‘Kelavamballavarindakalthu’- which narrates how knowledge can be learnt through different means. He added, “Associations have a free movement and a dynamic nature.”