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Literary Society inauguration today

The Literary Society of the Department of English will be formally inaugurated on Friday, June 23 at the Xavier Hall at 4 p.m. Prof. Arul Mani, from the department, said that several events are being planned this year under the auspices of the Literary Society.

These include , as decided at present, Meta Schools, Metonym, Causerie and Meta. Meta Schools is scheduled to take place on July 15 and 16. It will be an interschool literary festival. Metonym will take place in the month of August, and it is an inter-class festival.

The main event for the year will be the Meta Festival, will take place in January 2018. Causerie is a weekly event organised by the society and it will be a forum for various speakers who will be invited from outside the college to speak and initiate discussions making is an interactive sessions.

Prof Arul Mani said that there might be other events added to this list in time, their nature and content are being worked on. “We will update you about it later,” he said. At present, the four aforementioned events have been approved. These events are an opportunity for all those involved in the courses under the Department of English to work together, he added.

The Literary Society is a society, which organises certain events through out the year in college and even out. The students under the department take an initiative in organizing the events.