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SJC students back bone marrow donor drive

More than a hundred students registered to be included as bone marrow donors at the St Joseph’s College on Friday. The effort was organized by the National Social Service (NSS). The Bangalore Medical College Development Trust (BMCDT) in association with the Infosys Foundation started the Bone Marrow Registration a year ago across India and now in Bangalore.

It has a database of 16,000 donors but the problem has been that whenever a patient who needed bone marrow had contacted the database, not a single match has been found yet, according to Dr. Shamim Ahmad, administrator of BMCDT.

“Every-time a recipient has to look for a donor, they have to pay around Rs 20000 to check for a match and this doesn’t promise them a donor.With the support of Sudha Murthy, the chairperson of Infosys Foundation, this entire procedure is made free of cost. We have our centre at Victoria Hospital and even the second stage of the treatment will be free of cost for all as of now.”

During the registration, the participants had to fill in a form with their medical details and 3mL of blood was collected from them. This blood sample is used to check for Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) which is the factor that connects the donor and recipient. With the database BMCDT is promising a responds within a weeks-time. The BMCDT has already covered colleges in the City.