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‘Masculine idea of realism’

“Realism is not real! It’s not truthful! It’sartistic justlike any other aesthetic that you create.Everything is make-believe. They are all adulterated by your desire to say something,” declares ParomitaVohra, a filmmaker and founder of Parodevi Pictures.

A feminist documentary intervention on Dissent, Documentary and Devis was the main emphasis of dialogue between Nisha Susan, co-founder of The ladies finger and ParomitaVohra.

The conversation brought forth veiled snippets in the making of the documentary, ‘Partners in Crime’. Nisha Susan knit the discussion well by tapping on various aspects of her life in connection with her film. She questioned, “this morning I was listening to an old Kannada song that went like, ‘101 memories of you haadaagibantu’ (came as song). The idea of dissent looking at art, did it come to you as a song.”

In response, Vohra said, “The producer had asked me to make the film a couple of times before. I was working on another project, a film where I was writing for somebody. I went to Punjab to do some research on the Punjabi music field. Punjabis main culture is music and not films. While doing my research there were a lot of copyright issues where T-series went and recorded a lot of artists and wouldn’t allow them to perform their own songs. Copyrights brought about a lot of contract signings”.

Vohra remarks that in the present era, “A lot of women coming into the film making scenario was not the case before. Queerness and feminist fights have changed the face of documentaries.