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Meta Schools fest launched

Five schools from the City participated in the Meta Schools festival organised by the Department of English in St. Joseph’s College. Meta Schools is the first event out of four events planned under the banner of Meta by the department this year.

The five schools are: St Joseph’s Boys High School, Bishop Cottons, Presidency School, St Joseph’s Indian High School and St Paul’s. The students competing in the contests ranged from the 8th to 12th standards. The 8th to 10th standard students were in the junior group and 11th to 12th in the senior group.

The fest is taking place for two days, on July 14 and 15. The events that took place on Friday were the Fan Fiction contest, Cartooning contest, Just-a- Minute and the quiz competition. The Cartooning contest saw 31 students participating. Seventy four students took part in the Fan Fiction contest.

Prof. Archita Murthy said “In this contest, the kids are given a line or a paragraph and they have to continue the story using known literary characters. They are given an hour’s time to finish the story based on the starter given to them.” Eight groups were selected for the final round.“The questions for seniors and juniors are the same, but they will be judged in separate categories” said Prof. Cheriyan Alexander, head of the Department of English.