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Meta goes ‘Over The Top’ this time at SJC

With an array of events taking place at Meta, the literary fest celebrates the baroque imagination with their theme ‘Over The Top’ at SJC. The annual literary fest is organized by the Department of English. It began on February 10 and will end on February 22. It is open for all college students and general public.

This is the fifth edition of Meta where there are events for staff members as well as students. Republic of tolerance will be an event where the idea of tolerance is discussed by various faculty members. Found Book is another event for the staff members where they discuss about books that they encountered by accident.

A translation of regional pieces like poems and articles to English language will be conducted at Double Action. These are the new events added to Meta 2017. “This is the first edition of Meta, which is for 12 days.

Generally we have it for 10 days. I am really looking forward to Found Book and Double Action. We only see students work and participate. But, in these events we will get a chance to see our colleagues too,” said Professor Archita Murthy from the Department of English. The theme last year was ‘Imagined Worlds’ and this year it is ‘Over The Top’. The theme is decided to highlight certain issues like violence, which take place in present circumstances.

These issues need to be brought to limelight with a certain exaggeration. This was the view of Professor Vijeta Kumar from Department of English, who thought through the theme. “I am really excited for this year’s Meta. We always try to experiment with the theme. This year’s theme is very interesting as far as I am concerned, as much of what I do is also over the top,”she said. “There is a big blur as the preparations take a lot of time. There has been a lot of participation from people from outside especially for film review,” added Professor Kumar, one of the organizers of Meta 2017. There are a variety of events taking place during this fifth edition like quiz, Blue pencil etc. Apart from these there also panel discussions taking place.