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META Schools starts ‘Write Illumeric’ at SJC

META launched “Write Illumeric,” the latest addition to META Schools at SJC, whose fourth edition was organised from July 6 to 7, 2018. META, an annual festival of literature was conducted by the Department of English for high-school students. “We had 400 students from 20 schools across Bangalore that participated in the fest. The senior category was won by Christ Junior College and the junior category by Innisfree House School. Quizzes, spelling competitions, writing events and paintings were the list of activities held,” said Professor Vijeta Kumar, co-ordinator of META .

“The latest addition, ‘Write Illumeric’, gave the students an illustration to interpret the given task,” he went on to add. Students of high school from classes 8 to 12 were eligible for participation in this festival. META opens up new modes of expression which is powered by technology and drifts from the traditional forms of literature. The prize winning entries will go up at and