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No sports ground, yet spirits soar high at SJC

The absence of sports grounds for the students of SJC has no doubt hindered their practice sessions. However, a multi-purpose sports complex which is currently under construction will soon resolve this issue.

As the institute plans on becoming a university, there is a need for more buildings. The ongoing construction efforts seek to fulfill that need. Mr Lawrence Rodriguez, assistant of Physical Education Director said, “Practice is affected but we haven’t backed out of any competitions. We manage to reach the quarter finals.”

The football team has practice sessions on alternate days at St. Joseph’s Indian High School, Vittal Mallya road, and also with ASC Centre, Domlur. The volleyball and throwball teams go to the Kanteerava Stadium to practice with sister institutions. Indoor games on the other hand have not been affected by the ongoing construction. In the month of August, the chess team won the IBS inter-college tournament.

The complex will be ready in approximately 2-3 months. “Outdoor games will have few issues but that will be fixed by scheduling it smartly,” added Mr. Rodriguez. He expressed gratitude towards the institution by saying “The principal has been supportive.There has not been any discouragement about the practice sessions.”