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NOTA vandalism hits SJC student elections

The Student Council elections at SJC for 2018-19 was marred by vandalism, with posters of all the candidates participating in the polls defaced on late Wednesday evening with stickers that read NOTA (None Of The Above).

A member of the staff said, “We were able to find out who committed the act by looking at CCTV footage. The Election Council will take a decision on the matter.” The incident came to on Wednesday evening , when the defaced posters were discovered near the quadrangle in the UG block. Two reporters for The Beacon were among the first to discover the vandalism around 7:20 pm. Investigation revealed that the incident took place after 6 pm, because one of the candidates who left college at that time did not see anything untoward. Birju Singh, the guard on duty at the time of the incident, told

The Beacon that he saw three young men with backpacks pasting something on the wall. He said he assumed they were pasting posters as a part of the election campaign. While he could not provide an accurate physical description of the miscreants, he said one of them was of short stature. Fr Richard Rego, director of research for the postgraduate section and the first faculty member at the scene, said, “The college election is a training of democracy. It is to form democratic leaders. Acts like these are subverting democracy. If there is anyone who is holding a grudge against someone, they should approach the appropriate authorities for it.”

Most of the candidates contacted by The Beacon refused to make a statement and chose to wait until more information was available after further investigation by the Election Council. Aishwarya Jyoti, who is running for Vice President, said, “I being a candidate feel dejected about those who vandalised the posters. We should ignore such distractions and move ahead with the true spirit of elections.”

Aafreen Fatima Mody, contesting for the post of President, said the election must proceed as planned. “I honestly feel such events during elections should be ignored and we must not react much to them because NOTA isn’t an option in our college. Every student has to vote,” she said. “It is sad to see the NOTA posters on the faces of me and my fellow candidates. If at all people want a NOTA button on the EVM, there is a way that they should go about it,” said Ankita Hansda, who is standing for Vice President.

Public Relations Officer Kiran Jeevan said, “I would say that it is an act of immaturity. It is sad that students stooped to such levels for a college election.”