Readmission for odd semester

Readmission starts on: 10th June, 2020.The Last date for readmission for III and V semester and for one subject is extended to 10th July, 2020.

Please print the form that is relevant to you, fill it up, scan and send it by email to You will be called for an online interview within two days after we receive this form. Please make sure that you write the email id legibly as the online interview details will be sent to this email. You are expected to be present with your parents for the online interview.

During the interview you will be intimated if you are admitted or not. If you are admitted, you need to pay the fees online by logging into the student portal with credentials given to you when you were admitted to this institution.

Note: Attendance will be calculated from the reopening date of college i.e 15th June, 2020.

Important: After you have paid the fees online, you need to send the copy of the fee paid receipt available on the student fee payment portal to to complete the admission process.

Incomplete forms will be rejected.

Eligibility for readmission for various courses.

Application form for readmission to one subject.

Application form for readmission.