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WACC opens door for pet parents

Tyson didn’t seem overwhelmed by the crowd: He took a sniff of Ralph. Ralph, on the other hand, was a bit circumspect, and showed it with a small bark. They were both participating in an annual pet show organised by the Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club (WACC) of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) in association with Pet Pals and FluffyNut as a part of fest Wild 8.0 on December 8 in a bid to raise awareness for pet adoption as opposed to purchasing them.

The event witnessed several dogs of different breeds walking the ramp with a hen as the show-stopper. The pets garnered attention from students around the campus and was the most successful event of the fest. Keerthana from FluffyNut spoke to students about the issue by presenting examples and appealing to them to adopt instead of buying pets as many still live without a loving home.

WACC member Maneev M Dasan, who helped organize the event, told the Beacon: “A few games were conducted for pets and also a fun activity for both the pet parents and their pets to walk the aisle.” Daniel Vidhya Sagar, a student and the proud pet parent of Nikki the Husky, said: “Not all colleges in the city host an event that allows pets inside the campus. Nikki had a great time with other pets. Thanks, SJC.”