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‘Youngsters are unaware of pitfalls of HIV infection’

“The younger generation is not completely aware of the hazards of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the steps to prevent it,” said Ms. Neeta Pereira, Head of Psychology.

She was speaking on the sidelines of Joseph’s Aids Awareness Movement inauguration programme, conducted on Thursday by her department to spread awareness of (HIV and AIDS among adolescents.

“With this programme, we want to educate our students and hopefully help students understand the stigmas and futile notions connected to this disease,” said Ms. Pereira, coordinator of the event.

Mr. Elango, President of the Karnataka of Positive People (KNPP) and founder-member of the Indian Network of Positive People, shared his experience of living with HIV for 30 years. He said, “My request to the younger generation is to be careful and take tests for safety.”

Experts from the field of HIV awareness, like Dr RK Prasad, Dr Ashoojit and Dr Pranit engaged with the students and discussed various aspects that spread this disease.