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Placements 2018 signal better chances

Undergraduate and postgraduate placements have taken a serious turn this year at St. Joseph’s College. Official placements will start from July 2018 and will continue till March 2019.

The placement center in the college assures a better service this year. Ten new companies have marked their presence for placements. The students would be happy to know that esteemed companies like ABB, Yahoo and Facebook are expected to come. As of now, there are 50 recommended companies. Based on the requirements of college as well as the companies, the list will be further filtered. “What’s going to be good this year is, I have six other teachers to help me with the placement process,” said Kiran Jeevan, the Public Relations Officer at St Joseph’s College, expressing his joy regarding the placement process.

He confessed that, although the college consists of many bright students, they are not doing well during the interview. Therefore, this year, skill development classes are mandatory for those who apply for placements. He said, “We have changed our placement process and are yet to see how this model works out.”