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‘The young need to know about sex workers’ plight’

It all started when Geetha was apprehended by two policemen at Majestic bus stand after they found her alone and helpless, having run away from home. Married off as a third-grader to a much-older man, she left at the age of 13 to escape domestic violence.

That was 1991, and the cops, she said, did not help matters. They first booked her for staying two nights at the bus stand, then raped her, and finally told her this was her life because she would no longer be accepted back home.

Geetha is now a member of Sadhana Mahila Sangha, an NGO that works for the upliftment of sex workers. Invited to deliver a lecture organised by the St Joseph’s College’s gender sensitisation cell and its convenor Latha Paul for the students of Human Rights class, she said during her speech that youngsters should be sensitised about the plight of women in flesh trade. She also said she delivers lectures so women from that profession may have more recognition and respect from civil society. She, however, was against legalising prostitution as she felt it would lead to more women being pushed into flesh trade.