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Students of MSW visit Central Prison in Mysuru
The students of II year MSW visited the Central Prison and Prison Training Institute in Mysore on Monday. The field visit was part of their subject ‘Juvenile justice and Correctional Administration’. The objective of their visit was to understand how the prison system works and the role of social workers in prison system in India. 28 students from the department of MSW visited the central prison. The students were accompanied by their professor Y.J Rajendra.

“The visit was to make the students know about the prison’s system and structure and also to know about the kind of reform and rehabilitation. Many of us thought the prison will be unhygienic and unclean but we were surprised to see a well cleaned and safer environment. The visit was not only for giving exposure to the students but also to sensitize students to take a career in rehabilitation,” said Y.J Rajendra. The students had a first-hand experience about the life in the prison. There were a lot of things to unlearn than to learn in the prisons because of the preconceived notions that any person has about the life and experience at the prisons due to the sources of information that takes a higher note.

“67% of total prison population is undertrials. The undertrials are supposed to be in the prison for 2 years but they are locked up for 15 to 20 years,” said Chandan, II year student of MSW. The system of prison has created various opportunities such as the prison bakery, tailoring unit, cutting unit, weaving unit and the warping unit which has a lot of opportunities for the inmates to put their hands to work and not be idle and unproductive. “The prisons are no more a place of punishment but a place of reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration. This is a chance to interact with people and also the visit could help us to understand the situations that is entirely different,” said Sherly Infanta.J, II year student of MSW.