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Filmmaker encourages rebels

“Give a round of applause to all those who didn’t make it today,” said Puneeth BA, a filmmaker, actor and entrepreneur, while addressing the students at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Sunday, February 24. He then dispelled the bewilderment of the audience, saying: “The very first characteristic of a filmmaker is to be a rebel. In spite of knowing that there’ll be attendance, those guys didn’t turn up.”Puneeth also pointed out: “Your ideas or what you do is actually without your notice building your identity.” The social media influencer was speaking to students on the subject Make Your Ideas Your Identity at the Rushes National Film Festival (RNFF). He is known for his work on minimal posters on Kannada cinema. The speaker is also the founder of the company Poster Boy Art Studios. The Kathe project and Ideeria are two among his most-appreciated digital media initiatives.