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Day 2 of RNFF starts with a bang!

After the varied themes seen in the interesting collection of movies screened on Day 1 of the Rushes National Film Festival (RNFF), Day 2 returns with an even more promising array of movies.

The morning session of Day 2 begins with two movies, ‘I am 30’ directed by V Vikas and ‘Aman’ directed by Ayush Kumar, dealing with two different topics.

The Kannada film, ‘I am 30’ revolves around the pressures faced by a 30-year-old unmarried woman in an Indian society. Keerthy, the protagonist of the movie doesn’t feel she is ready to get married as she is haunted by the bitter experiences of her past relationship. The Indian society doesn’t think this is a good enough excuse to remain single, and friends and family taunt Keerthy to “settle down”.

The next movie screened was ‘Aman,’ a movie is based on true events of the director’s life. This Hindi film deals with the feelings and thoughts of children. The director through his movie tries to show the consequences of actions of children as they are at a tender age where one cannot decipher what is right and wrong. ‘Aman’ a child living in the rural parts of India, eyes an action figure worth Rs. 50. Afraid to ask his parents for this toy that is his over his budget, Aman decides to steal the money. The movie shows how soon things go spiralling down because due to an innocent act by a child that can have subsequent consequences on his family.