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Loneliness,corruption & ethics exploded at Rushes Film Festival

In a span of 40 minutes, we saw various Indian short films that depict the indie genre. Indie genre covers very niche and rare aspects of the society that usually has very less audience. On the second day of Rushes, a short film by Balaji Jayaraman called ‘100’ was screened with a total duration of 17 minutes. ‘100’ is a Tamil short film which revolves around the Social Drama genre. The story of this film talks about a cop and how he places money above all the ethics of life. The film beautifully showcases the character of an unethical police constable who takes bribes from public.

One unfortunate day, this cop catches two boys on bike and falsely accuses them of breaking traffic rules. When one of the boys defends his innocence, his friend steps up and decides to teach the cop a lesson. He gives the cop a 100 rupee note and on it was written, “This Rs 100 note was given to K. N Balaji – Police constable’”. While in this scene we see an ugly side of the police constable, in the net scene we see him giving money to a beggar on the road.

The cop notices the written currency note only when he was supposed to give Rs 100 to his son. But due to unfortunate turn of events, the currency note gets exchanged in the shop. The circle goes on and the cop runs around the locality looking for that currency.

At the end, the cop gets the same currency back from the beggar and comes to an understanding that taking bribe is not a good thing.

The next short film is ‘Taa-Taa’ directed and screen played by Ratnadeep Ray. This is a Bengali short film with a duration of 16 minutes.

The movie is about a lady who tries to detach from her loneliness by showing her immense affection towards her pet parakeet, when her husband goes to Iraq to work as a labor.

One day through a radio news, she discovers that her husband is probably killed in the terrorist hit in Iraq. She loses her mind and leaves home to find her husband on her own. This scene clearly depicts her loneliness and how helpless she is in reality. When she returns, she finds that her pet parakeet is gone; she loses the two things she loves the most and becomes caged in her solitude.