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Russian film talks about the friendship and brotherhood

At the the afternoon session of Day 2 of the Rushes National Film Festival (RNFF), short film ‘Going AWOL’ that revolves around brotherhood and tests of friendship was screened at St. Joseph’s college.

Written and directed by Sergey Tselikov, the movie talks about young navel cadets and their hardships at the Maritime Academy at Russia. As freshmen, these young freshmen go through a number of hardships but because of their dream of becoming a cadet and travelling to distant lands, they toil hard.

On the last month before summer, right before being sent off to different parts of the world for practical training, the cadets decide to throw a birthday bash for their friend, Alex Stork. They sneak in beer to celebrate, knowing the harsh consequences of getting caught. The fun night soon turns into regret as three of the cadets, Lobanov, Morozov and Prianikov are found guilty of sneaking in alcohol to the camp.

Unable to see his friends expulsion, Alex Stork confesses to the crime. Though he is punished by making him stay at the port he soon finds out that his three friends also get transferred to the port instead of travelling the world for practical training. This black-and-white movie narrates beautifully the tale of affection and close relationship shared by cadets at the academy.