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Sanchalana festival to uphold Kannada

The Kannada Sangha of St Joseph’s College on Thursday launched it’s first-ever intra-collegiate festival - ‘Sanchalana - the movement’. The festival takes place on Thursday and Friday and is a fete of Kannada literature, art and music. The cultural extravaganza is spread across a series of events which will culminate in a felicitation ceremony on September 15, with comedian and RJ Danish Sait presiding over the event.

The Kannada Sangha was established to preserve the literary and cultural heritage of Karnataka and propagate dying art forms among the youth. “It was started 127 years back in our college,’’ said Santosh Patil, the president of Kannada Sangha.

“Pop culture and westernisation have taken over the city, dominating almost every aspect of life, so much so that local art forms are dying. The Sangha provides a platform for students to get out of their inferiority complex and showcase their talents in Kannada. It’s also an effort to revive Hindustani classical music, Carnatic music and Janapadha Geethe, the folk recitals,” says Yashwanth T, the chief student coordinator of the Sangha. “Earlier we only held events and very few students participated. But now we’ve come up with a rebranding strategy, to give the fest a name and an identity” says Dr. Eraiah Hampapura, co-ordinator, Kannada Sangha.