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The Science Academies lecture workshop on Biotechnology, Bioprospecting and Conservation of bioresources

Department of Biotechnology, St. Joseph’s college, in collaboration with the Science academies have organised a lecture workshop on Biotechnology, Bioprospecting and Conservation of Bioresources on the 12th and 13th of January, 2017 at St. Joseph’s college. The workshop was inaugurated on 12th January at the Xavier Hall. Dr. K.N. Ganeshaiah, eminent ecologist, geneticist and novelist was the keynote speaker. Dr. Ganeshaiah gave a riveting talk on how bioresources shaped and also led to the downfall of civilisations. He stressed on how Bioresources are the fuels that run civilizations and that utilization and conservation of resources is our responsibility. Dr. Ganeshaiah gave a second talk on ilding national databases on bioresources for conservation and prospecting. The other speakers of the day were Dr. Vasudeva R, Professor at the College of Forestry, Sirsi, who spoke about Promoting livelihood through conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources, Dr. R Uma Shaankar, who spoke on Bioprospecting our Biological wealth, and Dr. Chandrasekhara from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore who spoke on Drugs from Bugs.

In picture : Keynote Address - Dr. K N Ganeshaiah