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SJC choir to launch a musical

The college choir plans to launch a full-length musical this year. According to Silver Malani, Choir Conductor, this will be an in-house production where the musicians, dancers and artistes will be students of the college. The SJC student choir – the city’s only student-led choir – is now 130-strong after the recent auditions. New students chosen from three days of competitive auditioning were placed into the four choral group: Tenor, Soprano, Alto and Bass.

The idea of launching the musical was inspired by ‘Humanitas’, a Christmas carol festival, which the college hosts annually. “We wanted to explore the possibility of hosting an event to showcase our home choir. Though challenging, it will be one exciting venture,” said Sharon, Student Choir Convenor.

The choir now has regular practice sessions for future events like the ‘Glorious Festival of Harmony’ – a city-level gospel music concert. It has also introduced a dedicated band segment that will accompany the choral performances. “We are working on an exciting piece for Swagat,” said band-leader Philip about an upcoming freshers’ event.