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A great loss for the SJC family

Dr. Fr Ambrose Pinto was closely associated with the St. Joseph’s institutions. He was the Principal of St Joseph’s College from 2003 to 2011, before which he was the Principal at St. Joseph’s Evening College, Bangalore and Director of Indian Social Institute, New Delhi.

The department of communication, political science and social work commenced in the college under his leadership. He closely worked with the social work department and under his guidance the NSS worked for social concern. He was an approachable teacher for the students as well as colleagues. He was very close to students and even remembered all their birthdays. Despite being a principal and having lots of commitments he taught students 16 hours per week. He was a very well-known author, social activist and an intellect in his own filed. He never had the fear to fight the system for others. Throughout his life he fought for the rights of Dalits and poor. In order to improve the educational opportunity among the financially weaker section in college he took steps provide support to students.

Prof. Kiran Jeevan, who was appointed by Fr Ambrose Pinto said, ‘’He was a true inspiration, even at the time of great pain he was grateful to God and he never complained. He was a very optimistic person and a true test for faith. A man with such guts and ability to fight system and reach that under his leadership the college has seen the best speakers like Dalai lama.” He was the principal during the 125th anniversary celebration of the college and was instrumental in releasing the college stamp by the Telecommunication Ministry.