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Aafreen, Ankita head SJC Student Council

Aafreen Fathima Mody was elected President, Ankita Hansda Vice President, Akel Varghese Secretary and B Shreyas Padmanabha Sharma Treasurer for the year 2018-19 at the Student Council Elections of St Joseph’s College on Friday.

Uncontested, Uthappa BS was elected Joint Secretary. The results of the election, held after a week of rigorous campaigning, were announced at the UG quadrangle at 4 pm by Dr Joyce D’Souza. She told The Beacon, “The electoral ballot proceeded in a smooth manner. The reason we conduct elections in college is so students understand the democratic process of choosing a leader, starting with nominations, followed by the campaigning process leading up to the elections using the voting machines.” The pre-poll analysis, made public two hours before counting, matched the final results. D’Souza also said, “I would like to congratulate the winners as well as the nominees and would like them to work as a team in the months leading up to St Joseph’s College obtaining University status. The council will be open to suggestions and will work towards the placements for the students and help them learn to strike a balance between academic and non-academic activities.”

Dr BS Prabakar said, “There were 4,400 voters in total. The results were declared after 13 rounds of counting.” President Aafreen Fathima Mody told the Beacon exclusively, “I am absolutely overwhelmed. I have had a vision since my first year to be on that stage and today that dream has come true.”

She spoke about how in the past the management was unhappy with the way the Student Council was functioning. She plans on ensuring the gap between the students and the management is bridged so they work together for the betterment of the college. Principal, Fr Victor Lobo, said, “We wish the Student Council all the best. I encourage them to follow Jesuit leadership or rather servant leadership — it is to serve the entire student community.