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Talk on Sustainable Development

On 17th January, 2017, St. Joseph’s College, (Autonomous) played a host to Dr.A.Ravindra (IAS Retd.), former chief secretary to Government of Karnataka who is currently the Chairman, Board of Governors, Institute of Social and Economic change (ISEC), Bengaluru.

His discourse was based upon sustainable development and its notions, a concern for the present and future in developing India. The thematic lecture on ‘Sustainable development’ organized by Spectrum, a forum of politics and International affairs (Dept. of Political Science) was aimed to make people aware about the serious issues concerning the environment. The world is developing rapidly, and so is the rapid effect on environment which is in grave danger.

He opined the fault lines for the instability in the ecosystem, which is mainly due to human negligence and population growth. All global systems are integrated. If one agonizes, the other does too. For instance: Forest fires occurs due to heat and precede into destruction of the woods and it accounts into global warming which leads to melting of glaciers. Another point was impact of climate distortion is extreme in India. So there should be sustainable consumption of resources and also, a balance must be maintained between social, economical and environmental spheres. The goal should be, to move towards green economy. He also listed out few UN commissions and program.

As the session slipped into an open house, students discussed the aspects of advancing technology Vs Environment. Simplifying his retort with substantial accounts, he acknowledged the solutions to tackle the predicament by abolishing human ignorance and abiding by the laws. He concluded by mentioning the role of leaders for convalescing the present and future environmental situations. Dr. Sanam, thanked Dr. A.Ravindra and the audience and highlighted the take away from this program.