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Student event highlights ‘taboo’ topic

Everything about that time of the month for women, which is often considered a taboo topic, was spoken aloud at St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on February 21. Mess-Free Menses, an event organised by second-year MA Mass Communication student Krishna Thulasi, aimed at breaking stereotypes and myths about menstruation.

“Living in the 21st century and still having to wrap a packet of pads in newspaper and a black bag is absurd. I think its high time women came forward and spoke about their period story openly, which would alsohelp people identify the problems faced by women,” said entrepreneur Razi Abbas.He, along with a few others, started an initiative two months ago called My Period Story which encouraged both men and women to share their stories as they believe everyone is in some way or other affected by periods.

The hour-long event also featured a menstrual hygiene talk by Rustic Art. This group of nature-lovers demonstrated the use of a menstrual cup along with the environmental and personal benefits of using one over sanitary napkins.Sanitary napkins are made of cotton and chemicals, which adds to land pollution, explained Abbas, adding that investing in one menstrual cup helps save money and reduce pollution.The open-mic session had Vandita Narayan, a girl known on the internet for My Period Song, performing reciting poetry, which left the audience enthralled.