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Tamil Sangam depicts the importance of farmers’ life

Swimming against the current or “Ethir Neechal” was the theme of the Tamil Sangam orientation programme held at the UG Quadrangle at SJC on Saturday.

The event focused on the rise of farmer suicides due to financial exploitation, with a play highlighting their plight. On the other end of the spectrum was beatboxing to Tamil songs and comic skits.

The Sangam inaugural programme was organised to bring together students from various departments who share a common enthusiasm for the language.

“Tamil is considered one of the earliest languages to be spoken in the world. We are encouraged by our principal to have this Sangam as only a few colleges in Bengaluru do so,” said Arockia Mary, the coordinator of the Tamil Department.

“It is important to understand the significance of Tamil tradition and culture, hence the Sangam becomes important in a college like ours with students who come from various cultural backgrounds,” she said. Tamil Sangam is likely to conduct a fest in the month of February next year.