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Intercollegiate fest ‘Tek Olma’ inaugurated at SJC
The one day inter collegiate physics fest of the post graduate students of Physics, ‘Tekolma’, was inaugurated on February 27, 2017. Dr Sharath Ananthamurthy, Professor at Bangalore University inaugurated the fest which was held at Xavier’s hall in SJC.

Dr Ananthamurthy spoke about the importance of culture and physics in today’s world and said that, “We have to make physics a habit. It’s really all about how we perceive the nature and everything that is happening around us. Make physics your culture.”

Dr Sandiago, the HOD of the Physics Department addressed the students and said, “ Tek Olma’ for me is uniqueness where students can come and exhibit their talent and participate and learn through various activities and fun games.”

“Tek Olma’ happens once in two years and it’s a full day event with various things in store. We have events like physics quiz, Apocalypse, Quark soup, Asimovium, which is Similar to story writing, Photon capture, a photography event, Tony’s Garage and Legion of boom, which is something like treasure hunt but related to physics,” said Manjunath M, one of the coordinators of the event. Students from various colleges in the city have registered for the event.