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SJC gears up for Football Tournament

The Rotary football club is organising a Rotary Football Tournament from March 6 to March 15, 2017.The finals are being conducted on March 15 , 10 a.m. at Karnataka State Football Association stadium in Ashok Nagar. SJC will play against CMS Jain for the finals. For the semi- finals St Joseph’s college of Arts &Sciences played against Residency University. SJC won with 4-0 goals.

’’We are at the top compared to other teams,’’ said Lawrence Rodrigues, Assistant Physical Education teacher and football coach at SJC. He also added that he is completely satisfied with the whole team’s performance and is truly optimistic in SJC winning the presidency cup. The SJC team had been unbeaten continuously for the past four matches in this tournament. Teams from other colleges along with SJC include Indian Academy, Indo Asian College and others. Cricket semi- finals was postponed due to improper ground conditions caused by the rains.