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Bangalore Traffic Police honoured at SJC

The Bangalore Traffic Police were honored by the Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA), a non-profit organization working with students, at St. Josephs College. Over 2000 students from various schools across the city partook in the appreciation of over 100 “un-caped superheroes” of Bengaluru for their mammoth routine contributions.

Highlighting the importance of involving children in the event, Mr Abhishek Goyal IPC, DCP Traffic East, Traffic, Bengaluru said, “Promoting the significance of the services that various groups provide is extremely crucial, especially among school-going children as they sow the seeds of life skills and values at a young age. These young people I believe will grow up to be active citizens.”

Ms Sarah Fatima, DCP North Bangalore, emphasized the lack of discipline that residents have while driving. “We follow discipline at religious institutes. We form lines and instinctively follow lane discipline in churches, mosques and temples but this act does not mirror on the roads.”

Dr Fr Victor Lobo, Principal, implored that rules are meant to be followed by the citizens for their safety. He did so by sharing a fitting anecdote of a father and son who were waiting for the signal without helmets just when the son asked the father to skip the signal due to the absence of a cop.

Ashish Patel, CEO of CMCA said “We don’t need to go to the border and fight to be a nationalist, but we can be empathetic towards people on the streets and the traffic police by following the rules and live by the ideas of the constitution. Despite the scorching heat, they keep the city on the move.”

Commending the initiative, Ramachari, a Traffic Police Officer said, “When such programs are held, we are encouraged to do our jobs better. Nothing like it when our tomorrow (referring to the children) appreciates and becomes aware of the duties and roles of traffic officers.” The event marked the 13th Annual Traffic Police Day, a day created by CMCA to celebrate the City’s Traffic Police.