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Uber rolls out ‘safety kit’ for riders

Uber has rolled out an upgraded version of its app in India with “safety toolkit” features for the riders. The new features include a safety centre and a one-touch “Call 100” option. The safety centre allows the rider to see what Uber is doing to keep trips safe, suggests tips on what the riders can do and know the process of driver screening, insurance protection, and other guidelines.

The one-touch “Call 100” option will help the rider reach out to the police in an emergency with the click of a button. Users can also share their ride details with five trusted contacts on the phone list. There are also options for the riders to modify settings to share trips.

Uber also enables the tracking of every trip via GPS and interlinking it with safety apps. The riders can access these features on the home screen. The features were launched in the US in May and India was the first market where Uber launched the emergency button.

Sanjana Daniel, a student from Garden City College, said, “With all the recent incidents related to Uber, people have to think twice before booking one. So if it is bringing out such safety measures for the people, it is good.”