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Report on Spectrum valedictory program

The academic year of 2016–17 for Spectrum, a forum for politics and international affairs, was concluded with the valedictory ceremony held here at St. Joseph’s College that wrapped up an exciting year of lectures and seminars by esteemed scholars. The ceremony was also a formal conclusion to the ‘Legal Literacy’ certificate course for this academic year and its participants were accordingly awarded their certifications along with members of Spectrum for their work in the association during the academic year.

Professor Venkat Rao, Vice-Chancellor of National Law School of India University (NLSIU) was the chief guest for the event, along with Dr. V. S. Elizabeth and Dr. Sarasu Esther Thomas, fellow professors at the law school, as guests of honour. The function was presided by Principal, Fr. Dr. Victor Lobo.

Professor Jerome Nirmal Raj, head of the department of political science here, took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the law school for its long-lasting relationship with the college in successfully organising the ‘Legal Literacy’ program over the past two decades while maintaining the necessary rigour of scholarship that sought to equip students with basic legal knowledge and sensibility, allowing them a meaningful understanding of law, and to encourage them to lend help to the marginalised figures in society for their denied rights.

The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Elizabeth, and Dr. Thomas were felicitated as a token of gratitude for all their years of hospitality at the law school and their unceasing commitment to the ‘Legal Literacy’ program. It was an occasion touched by sentiments and nostalgia on all sides as it also marked the retirement of Professor Nirmal Raj in whose appreciation many eloquent words were spoken by the Vice-Chancellor and the respected guests of honour. Both the Vice-Chancellor and guests of honour took to the podium to talk of the history of the 23-year association between the college and the law school during which many fascinating episodes were recounted and teachers both past and present were fondly remembered.

The ceremony itself was masterfully conducted by Reuell Paul. The report for ‘Legal Literacy’ was read, detailing the various guest-lectures throughout the year and the visit to NLSIU on Republic Day. Experiences were shared about participants’ thoughts and their appreciation for the program. Atul P.M. was responsible for an engaging report on Spectrum’s seminars in the gone-by year. Keshav Khanna and Arunabh Saha were jointly declared firsts for their excellence in the examination conducted at the end of the ‘Legal Literacy’ program. Atul P. M., Deepa, Abigail Fernandez, and Rhea were specially commended by Professor Nirmal Raj for their diligent work in Spectrum throughout the course of their three years.

The event ended with a moving vote of thanks by the Reuell Paul where he thanked the guests for their generosity of making time for the event and to everyone else, from members of Spectrum to members of past administration on both sides, to technicians in charge of getting things just right, for their labour and unwavering commitment in making the event possible and successful.