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Youth urged to fight gender violence

Gender-based violence should be prevented at the college level and students must take initiative to end gender violence, urged panelists at discussion was organized at St. Joseph’s College on Tuesday. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Global Trends 2017, 64% of Indians believe that the role of a woman is to be a good mother and a wife. On the Global Gender Gap Index, India ranks 87th in the world when it comes to gender equality.

Pratibha Chakravarthy, an employee of Grapevine, said, “Our objective is to spread awareness among the college level students because it is the next generation. It will be a crucial message to spread among students.” Monica Rajashekhar, a social worker from Durga,, Smriti Hari from Kagakka Gubakka and Jyotsna Venkatesh from Nayi Soch were the three panelists for the event.

Monica Rajashekhar said, “ The youth should be socially aware. If you notice something odd, make sure to take action. Be bold.

Women should stand up for themselves and not depend on others to help them.” Smriti Hari said, “We misunderstand the actual meaning of feminism. It is not only associated with women. Feminism actually is meant by equal rights of men and women.” The event was organized by the gender cell and Social Work Department of SJC with Grapevine and MARD.