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VISAGES starts with a bang

“What would you do to surprise yourself?” actress Virginia Rodrigues asked the audeince gathered for the inaugural function of VISAGES the annual fest of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) on Thursday, December 13.

“Nothing comes to you by chance, nothing comes to you in silver platter, there are no shortcuts in life. You have to earn it, earn friends, earn the love and respect of those around you, make every day count. Surprise yourself.” continued Rodrigues.

She was the chief guest for the event which is to last from December 13-14. VISAGES embodies the theme Fan Fusion this time, with 35 events centred on the topic. Principal Fr Victor Lobo felicitated the alumni including special guests Ex- IAS officer Laxminarayana and Col Sathya Rao, who were a part of the institute 40 years ago on the occasion.

The most memorable moment at the inaugural was when Professor Arthur Franklin from the University of Carolina sang Old McDonalds interspersed with Kannada lyrics.