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Sumana brings wealth of mental health knowledge

“When we discuss mental health, very few of us have a substantial idea about it,” was a common refrain at the inauguration of Sumana, a psychology organisation that is part of the Psychology Department at St Joseph’s College. With people continuing to brush off depression as a phase, Sumana aims to address mental illnesses in students through fun and interactive sessions.

Dr R Laxman, director of Maruti Institute of Neurotic Disorders (MIND) inaugurated the event, interacted with students and emphasised on the necessity of maintaining a healthy routine. He said, “We go and meet our friends, family as smartphones cannot replace face to face reaction.” He spoke about relationships, adolescence and depression which is a often prominent part in a student’s life. Sumana student president Hima said, “We have a lot of fun events planned for the year. We had pet therapy sessions last year, which went really well. This year, we are trying to continue our efforts towards educating people about various fields of psychology.”