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SJC fest spreads wildlife awareness

The Wildlife Awareness and Conservation Club (WACC) of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous) launched the Wild 8.0 fest on December 8, dedicated to the Blue Whale, in a bid to raise awareness about the species that is at the brink of extinction.

The undergraduate section of the college hosts this event annually and takes one animal as its theme on basis of an alarming problem faced by the species. The blue whale, listed by the World Wildlife Organisation (WWF) as an endangered species, was the motif of this year.

The events were planned in a way that each accompanied a cause regarding the conservation of wildlife. One of the main events, the Pet Show, was conducted with the intention of promoting pet adoption.

A similar event was the Shutterbug, the national-level photography competition with the theme Aqua to symbolise the colour of the blue whale. “We had planned for adoption drives where students could adopt kittens, guinea pigs and more, but we were not given permission to do so,” WACC President Bharat Kumar told the Beacon.

This year’s Wild fest also saw events that were introduced to make the awareness-building campaigns interactive and fun. The event also saw former students who were a part of WACC become a part of the organising team.