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Call to uphold women’s health at SJC

“Young women are the powerhouse of our future,” said Dr Aruna Muralidharan, A senior consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist. Muralidharan was speaking at St Joseph’s College at the annual women’s cell address organised in collaboration with the Rotary Club.

She also said about women: “If we focus on them and give them anticipatory guidance at the right time and right age, they will not only do a great deal of good to the country but also be more productive and healthy as the next generation.”

Speaking during the event Muralidharan, who works at the Fortis La Femme Hospital, addressed students on a range of health and wellness issues that women regularly face.

Coordinator of the annual Women’s cell talk Libby Thomas said, “To emphasise the importance of women’s health and hygiene, we organise these events for the women in both the postgraduate and undergraduate departments”.

Obesity, stress and genetic factors, which are reasons behind many health issues like polycystic ovaries (PCOS), high Body Mass Index and erratic menstrual cycles, affect women the most, said Muralidharan. Armed with information on the functions of their bodies, women can manage the daily stresses of student life, she said.

Speaking of preventative measures students can take for a healthy lifestyle, she gave the example of “apps on phones which tell you how much time your spend on the phone.”