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‘Working women improve world economy’

The patriarchal concept of how women shouldn’t do any paid work and rather stick to household jobs harms the economy, said Vibhuti N Patel, a professor from the Advanced Centre for Women’s Studies, School of Developmental Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai campus.

She was delivering a talk on “Women and Work,” organised by the Department of Economics of St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Bengaluru on Monday, December 3. “Women are central in the African society. The economy tends to revolve around them,” she explained. Patel went on to talk more about the role of women in the economic development and gave number of examples of the situations of women from all over the world, including countries like China. She remarked that women’s work gets devalued, goes unrecognised and she is always considered a supplementary earner.

Since women are recruited for paid jobs as a last resort, with the advanced technology including the artificial intelligence, women have been targeted for relegation, she added. Also, women who belong to the lower strata of society do unpaid jobs that often go unnoticed. This neglect becomes a major drawback when policies are made as a lot of complications are not solved, she said.