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‘I prefer to see and write on Delhi with loving eyes’

“I agree that many things can happen in a city where 80 million people live — the turmoils. But I prefer to see and write on Delhi with loving eyes,” said Micheal Creighton, an American poet who has lived for 12 years in Delhi. He was speaking at a Poetry Reading conducted by the Literary Society of St Joseph’s College on Friday, August 3. He said his main aim in writing poetry is to draw a picture of life of the common man. In his first book, titled New Delhi Love Songs, he takes a poetic peep into the mysteries of the lives of people in Delhi.

He said different audiences have different interests and since Delhi is known for its unintended controversies, he instead chose to write about the perks of being a Delhi resident. The poetry that flows through the honks of the vehicles, the smoke from the traffic and the crowd are major elements of his poems. Asked why he chose Delhi as the motif of his first book, he said, “Inspiration and access would lead people to read books. And Delhi is inspirational. I’m just being a bridge. Books change lives. Books change thoughts.”