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Young entrepreneurs at SJC felicitated

Two students of St. Joseph’s college got their entrepreneurial ideas selected in the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Ideas’ organise at SJC. The University of Washington, USA in collaboration with St. Joseph’s College organised the event.

Rahul Joseph, first year MA Mass Communication and Journalism and Shangmaya Kaping, second year have got their ideas selected under this initiative.

“This was wherein; ideas that will benefit the community would be funded by the University and taken forward. My idea dealt with the problem of segregation of waste in the city of Bengaluru and how to generate employment out of it,” said Rahul Joseph.

“My idea consisted of three parts, the first dealt with creating a programme where you can schedule a pick up for your garbage, and get paid for it, the second being to recycle cigarette buds and sell the cotton and the third being reusing old clothing to create handbags and other accessories,” he added.

“In my business idea we are acting as a distributing agent of farm products such as fruits and vegetables, directly from producers to consumer” said Shangmaya Kaping.

“This will reduce the burden on farmers to sell their products in the market, there is now potential in both the farmers and their farmland to grow more produce for their famlies consumption” he added.