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Josephite wins Best Young Scientist Award in Maths

Sebastian Thomas, student of St. Joseph’s college - Bangalore, wins grand awards from an expert panel of 10 members at the International Science Conference for his groundbreaking research in the field of mathematics.

Adding a new dimension to the Fibonacci sequence - the golden ratio pattern, Sebastian Thomas found innovative results which could be applied to five different fields, including the field of triangular waves, floral patterns, gene theory, ECG wave analysis and in the area of drug dosage monitoring systems.

The International Science Conference conducted at St. Albert’s college, Cochin hosted students from around the globe between 4th January and 6th January to discuss the findings of original mathematical research.

From a pool of 5,000 students present at the conference, Thomas was awarded ‘Albertian Best Young Scientist Award’ and the grand prize in the Model Exhibit competition which included a cash prize.

“My research could be applied in many different fields and isn’t only constricted to one. For example, my research findings could be applied to triangular waves in the field of physics as well as in the analysis of ECG waves where I developed a mathematical formula to calculate the QT wave which is crucial during the ECG wave examination,” said Sebastian Thomas of BSc EMS.

The research work done in the area of drug dosage monitoring systems was a joint collaboration with Ms. Maria Thomas, of the mathematical department in St. Joseph’s college. “Ma’am was working with drugs using complex probability models while I decided to use my findings to arrive at the same results. By doing this, I derived with a mathematical model to find out what drug dosage must be given and in what intervals,” said Thomas.

Ms. Maria Thomas, mentor and guide of Sebastian Thomas, calls him young Ramanujan, feels more than privileged to have worked with him. “It is an honour to be mentoring a born genius such as Thomas and I think that this is just the beginning for him and there are more laurels to come for him,”said Maria Thomas. He further wishes to send his work to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and hopes to have an equation named after him.